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He sent another brief nod in her direction, his attentions currently focused on attempting to take a decent photo of the explosive in case Rude wanted evidence.Reno was taking every possible precaution to ensure that he’d be able to lord this achievement over his co-worker for the foreseeable future.

"Name’s Reno," he offered as way of introduction, once he was satisfied with the angle of the picture. "Witnesses? Nah, usually there aren’t any around, anyway. As for the buildings thing, yeah, if I have to."

He glanced back toward her, scanning her, gaze narrowed. He didn’t recognize her — at least, he didn’t think he did — yet the name seemed vaguely familiar. Had Cloud mentioned her, perhaps? 

Eh, whatever. Not like I’m expected to remember everythin’ he says. 

"You can stop starin’ at it, y’know," he assured her, flashing a grin. “‘S not gonna go off. If it was, I’d know about it."


And everyone else would, too, due to the fact that Reno would have gone sprinting toward the exit at the slightest warning.

"Cute." What was it Cloud had said? Something about people in suits running being a good indicator she wanted to be gone or something—personally she thought he was exaggerating but she kind of wished he was here at the moment, just in case she needed a human shield. He’d survive a bomb she was sure.


At least now she was sure he was the Turk, because there was no way she could forget a name like that. “Interesting that he picked you to be the boogeyman in the closet if I touched the bike again though. You don’t look all that scary.”

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At the sound of an unexpected voice cutting into his concentration, Reno’s frown deepened, and he leaned forward to get a better look at the object on the surface in front of him.


"Shh!" he hissed, insistently, not removing his gaze from the bomb on the table. He could almost feel the confused (and slightly concerned) stares coming from several of the customers sitting around the area, but he refused to allow it to distract him. 

If he just slid this part in there… and this one… here? And then— 

"Ha! In your face, Rude!” he crowed, triumphantly, flinging his arms into the air in a momentarily immature display of pride. He remained staring at the object for a few moments, a smug grin plastered onto his face, and it was only then he recalled the fact that someone was leaning over his shoulder.

"I just beat this guy in this competition we were havin’ — fastest time to fully assemble a bomb, y’know?" He nodded to her as though this was completely normal, whipping his PHS out of his pocket to text Rude the news. “Oh, and by the way—” he glanced up at her "if I need one, you’re my witness that I did this all legit, ‘kay?"

"Sure." She continued to watch over his shoulder, curiously inspecting the bomb on the table as if this sort of thing really was completely normal. (With the ridiculous amount of crap she pulled poor Cloud into, this probably was, actually…) "I’m Le," she continued, reminded that she was leaning over the shoulder of a complete stranger.

"Do you normally need a witness to confirm you built a bomb?" Casually she reached to tap the table beside it, not quite touching. Just in case. "And do you normally build them inside buildings?"

If he said yes to either of those she was going to assume he was that Turk Cloud had told her about once when he’d been trying to find a good way to scare her off touching Fenrir again—actually maybe she should just assume every redhead in a suit was a Turk until stated otherwise; life seemed safer (and more interesting) that way.

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For decades, Roxas had tried his best to avoid detection, which usually went either way… The people within the house either got scared and wished to leave despite being in no danger at all or they started trying to bother him, as if constantly talking to him and trying to force him to interact with him would make him feel comfortable enough to cooperate. No matter which scenario played out, he always reacted the same, silencing himself and keeping very still but if he felt in any way threatened or too uncomfortable to be in the presence of the individuals within the house, he would go up to the attic where he’d be alone. Over time, he found people went in the attic less and less,though he wasn’t sure of the reason why… It wasn’t worth wondering about but… heh, it wasn’t like he had anything else to do day in day out besides mill around in the confines of his old home, unable to leave both the building (unless one of his possessions was taken outside but most had been thrown away and destroyed) as well as this world.

Today wasn’t going to be an easy day. It was the anniversary of Xion’s death and so the spirit was much more agitated than usual. Normally he managed to bottle up his feelings and not allow them to affect his behaviour or overall demeanour and instead suffered quietly within his mind, his distress accompanied by the pain of an eternally aching heart and arms that longed to once again wrap around her body. He froze on the spot as soon as he heard a voice, staring at the owner of it from the other end of the room upon turning to face her after she interrupted him, previously staring out of the window at the spot where she was last seen, as if by some miracle he’d blink and find her there, smiling, waiting for him to join her on the newly cut grass.


"Hello?" she repeated cautiously, looking around. "Are you here?" She just wanted to know who (or what) was there, so she could maybe work out an agreement or something. If they had a mutual agreement to leave each other alone, she’d feel safer that way.

"Sorry I just—can we, uhm talk or something maybe?" Wow, she felt like an intense idiot. What if it was evil or didn’t want to cooperate? "Just for a moment," Le continued, forcing herself to breathe. She really hoped it agreed. "Just for a minute—to agree or something? On, uh—you could just listen too, I guess."

Another deep breath and then she launched into what she wanted to say without letting herself think about it.

"I mean, this is my home now yeah? I live here and uh—well, It’d be nice if you didn’t scare me out or hurt me or something I suppose? You could stay if you want; if you’re not evil or a demon or whatever I mean, we should just set some rules? Like—er, like no coming into rooms where I’m asleep or coming into the bathroom when I’m using it and—do ghosts eat? I could feed you I guess—no wait ghosts don’t eat I think. Just no scary stuff, coming into rooms during private moments or scaring off friends and family or um…No trying to steal my soul or kill me I guess."

That covered everything right?



Decides in the moment he hates cars. If only because of this, and because he feels the need to rest. He can’t, not yet. Not until they’re within the confines of her home. Can mark up a protection barrier while she rests so nothing will happen to either of them in the night. It means he might have to return to imbue it with more magic, make it stronger, but it’s fine. Doesn’t care, honestly.

They come to a stop and he’s trotting after her at a surprisingly good pace. No one seems to have noticed him yet, or they simply are not paying attention. How people don’t notice a 6 ft 6 long wolf, with chains and bright yellow eyes is beyond him. Blames it on magic.

The fit was tight and he hates that. Hates that as a wolf, he’s large and unable to fit most places. Then again he’s supposed to look threatening, right? Right. Kind of, snaps up when she places the food and water before him and both are gone within seconds.

"Whoa." That was fast, she notes. Like super crazy fast, and she reaches over to refill the water bowl for him. "I don’t have anything else to feed you at the moment unfortunately but—" She’s going to have to go shopping, Le realizes vaguely. Looks like her grocery budget is going to have to go up quite a bit for him, because she doesn’t think he’s going to eat dog kibble any time soon. (Is dog kibble even safe for wolves?)

She drops onto the couch to watch him for a little while, wondering what to do next. She’s got him home, but the chains are still a problem she can’t fix. Maybe a vet…? And he needs a name, something to call him. ‘Wolf’ is just dumb.

"So, what do you thinkof being called Spot?"

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lays himself on her

"Van!" Cuddles the brother friend. "I missed you."