It is good. How are you friendo

It is very good now that coffee is involved thankies

good, good

[unholy screeching if that is in fact my matt i see on my follower page]

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//crawls to friendo



ooc; excuse u but where have u been

It turns out I’m distracted more than usual lately did you know I got pokemon rumble blast last night and i regret it because it’s less pokemon rumble blast and more like “pokemon let’s corner you against the wall of a fucking cave with 45 cubone at once but hey that one over there is actually marowak have fun dealing with 45 fuckers using long range bone club attacks to your face while you try to kill them one at a time with leech seed and oh hey let’s spawn six more on top of you when you kill one”.

i cried.

also you’re a meanie butt who has not answered my skype messages in forever.


when the person u hate does something that makes everyone else hate them:



Checking on your animal crossing town after you haven’t played for a while:




"But then how would i invoke an aura of mystery? Not so fun when everyone knows you have a boyfriend made of darkness." He snorts, amused at her chiding. He missed the banter, so this was incredibly nice. He yawns when she speaks again, shaking his head when she mentions they look like rabbits. He’s never seen that, per say. Ants, maybe. Never rabbits.

"Or maybe you’ve never hit one before?" He offers, voice muffled as he buries his face into her neck.

"I dunno, mystery pales in the face of alien rabbits. Though, I adopted one of your twins who is apparently currently in the middle of trying to sell his own as house pets. Something about making them really docile and looking like real rabbits in multiple colors." She’s still going to bug him for at least four once he figures that out.

"But no, I don’t think I’ve ever hit ‘em. If you’re sure about it though, I guess I can practice on them." They are probably good for hitting. She’s missed this as much as he has, honestly. "Shall we?"